Construction Industry

The pace with which the industry is progressing and demanding complex buildings that too with eco-friendly construction in a short time, the real estate sector is bound to use technology for increased efficiency and mitigation of labor shortage issues.

With the expanding quest for digitization today, almost every sector is transforming remarkably. Intrigued with the digital revolution, construction companies are adopting smart technology for designing, execution, interaction, forecasting, inventory management, providing efficient training, etc.

All these processes have effortlessly saved time and reduced cost in a much better way as compared to the conventional processes which were followed decades ago. The construction sector is building a great trust in mobile device management, Cloud storage, asset management, building information management (BIM), and augmented reality which are benefiting in the completion of projects much earlier than the expected timeline.

And we at ITOne provide IT solutions for construction industry with our skilled resources to enable you to outperform with improved customer satisfaction.

Industry Insights

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10 May 2022

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Technology has become such a vital part of our lives that we can’t imagine doing our daily tasks without it. Technology has.. 

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Going digital in construction: Top future-ready construction technologies

Digital is the new norm and the construction sector seems to have apparently understood the importance of IT.

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How construction industry can emerge with IT after Covid

The global pandemic due to Covid has made Industries including construction devise new ways to survive using IT.

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Decommissioning solutions for retiring end-of-life IT equipment, to maximize your value recovery on retired IT assets.

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ITOne in collaboration with AutoOne Engineering Services accelerate product development by leveraging ultra-modern IT

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