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Knowledge Articles | 8 August 2022 | Ratna Priya

Service Platforms act as a catalyst in delivering excellence and achieving your desired goal in an organization and if a service management platform supports seamlessly, we can achieve it all in one go. Being a company of its own transformation journey in digitization, ITOne Infotech is a managed service provider with a global footprint and a vast client base.

Its been quite a few times now since we got to know about the benefits of ServiceNow thus finally resulting in its implementation and collaborating as a premium partner as final outcome. Since then, ServiceNow is helping our clients a lot in streamlining their IT operations and processes in automating workflows and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

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Leverage ServiceNow for Amazing Customer Experience

Good customer service has been a prominent part of every organization today which can be inevitably achieved by presenting a good technology and user-friendly interface. A good customer service management platform has proven to be a great success for organizations for years and ServiceNow solves the purpose all at once. Optimization of digital workflows is the core of ServiceNow. Here the Cloud platform facilitates automated, smart workflow experiences to steer any organization into a digital era for improved workflow, enhanced customer experience and more streamlined work processes.

To improve customer service delivery, ServiceNow Customer service management unites various individuals, organisations, and systems under a single platform. The platform enhances the flow of work between individuals and departments to provide quick and effective customer service.

If you are looking for a platform to unleash the power of automation and increase work efficiency, ServiceNow uses AI to ensure the customers receive needed support and access essential information with great ease.

Features of ServiceNow Customer Service Management that Contribute to Better Customer Experience

By reimagining the customer experience, the ServiceNow platform aids businesses in keeping consumers. Some of the ways it aids businesses in providing better customer service are listed below:


The modern consumer has grown to expect brands to consistently deliver a customised experience. ServiceNow makes use of its AI-based engine, which enables the company to gather and analyse customised data. It then employs this information to provide a dashboard with all the pertinent facts.

Let’s take an instance of lens kart, where the application scans your face, asks you a few questions based on your requirement and at last after signing up you get a complete interface in which you view important details based on your requirement. This sort of personalized service is facilitated by ServiceNow.

Why is customization important?

For any business to avoid management pitfalls and have a clear demonstration of their business needs, it is quintessential to limit their customization. To achieve such plans successfully it is important to achieve a concrete structure and governance policies that promotes business smart customization so that the technical complexities are reduced.

Field Support

For businesses that sell services to customers, the ServiceNow platform is vital. The technology streamlines the process, making it easier for the company’s field employees to provide consumers with a quick fix right there.

Multi-Channel Support

Customers wish to interact with the brand through a relevant channel. Brands must guarantee omnichannel presence to satisfy this expectation. Customers of ServiceNow benefit from being able to provide seamless customer care across social media, email, text messaging, chat, and a variety of mobile devices.

How Service Now platform improve customer experience

Customers wish to interact with the brand through a relevant channel. Brands must guarantee omnichannel presence to satisfy this expectation. Customers of ServiceNow benefit from being able to provide seamless customer care across social media, email, text messaging, chat, and a variety of mobile devices.

Proactively Resolves Customer Issues

With the help of the ServiceNow platform, businesses may identify and fix problems even before their customers do and contact them. You can continuously monitor your services with ServiceNow IT Operations Management. The clients in question are notified of the concerns after they are identified.

Optimize Self Service

The ServiceNow customer service management platform provides several resources to aid customers in helping themselves. These resources include knowledge bases, customer communities, virtual agents, etc.

Simplify Customer Contact Centre

Predictive intelligence is used by ServiceNow Customer Service Management to categorise and prioritise cases before assigning them to agents. This raises agent output and makes it easier for clients to transition seamlessly from Virtual Agents and other points of contact.

Improve Employee Experience

ServiceNow Automation, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies are what power customer service management. Utilizing these innovations will give customers access to crucial information and self-support. This lessens the customer service representative’s workload. Additionally, this results in higher-quality customer service.

Who we are and why should you Choose us?

We are an IT service-based company having extensive expertise in offering personalised services to companies of all sizes. ServiceNow Consulting, ServiceNow Implementation, ServiceNow Customer Management, ServiceNow IT Management, and ServiceNow Operations Management are just a few of the services we offer to you having our collaboration with ServiceNow as our premier partner to assist you with any IT-related concerns.

Who We Are

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