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ITOne Infotech - Premium Partner of 4me in India

ITOne Infotech with its decade-long rich experience in serving clients globally is partnering with 4me to bring its services in India for complete enterprise service management.

Our mission is to support clients with customized end-to-end IT solutions and strategies that are cost-effective, scalable and resilient.

The launch of 4me in India in partnership with ITOne Infotech is an important step as it is a trusted and respected way of providing solutions to organizations in their service management and digital transformation journey.

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Why 4me Service for Multinationals?

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4me gives service providers the information they need to continuously optimize the allocation of resources to the areas where they deliver the most value to the business.

 What makes 4me unique is its ability to track end-to-end SLAs, as well as the services provided by shared services organizations and managed service providers.

4me also offers the most intuitive user interface of any enterprise-class service management application and delivers the fastest response times for organizations that operate globally.

Functionalities & Processes Supported by 4me Service

Enterprise Service Management

Collaboration & Service Level Tracking


Language Support

Virtual Agent

Supported Processes

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)


As part of their digital transformation, organisations are improving the support that is provided by the different support domains, like HR, IT, Purchasing and Legal. By making it easier for their employees to obtain support when they are stuck with a question or need assistance from another department, organisations are improving productivity and job satisfaction

Solution By 4me

Shared service centers enable large multinationals to realize economies of scale for the different legal entities that they need to support in different regions of the world. The challenge for these organisations is to enable these parties to work together and to track the level of service that each party provides. With 4me, all supporting functions in an organisation can easily collaborate with other functions. IT, Facility, Finance, HR and many more can thus all benefit from the efficient SM processes and can efficiently collaborate yet maintain the level of confidentiality needed.

Support Domains in Enterprise Service Management

















The 4me Approach to ESM








Cost / Quality

5 Pillars of Enterprise Service Management (ESM)


Cost Management

Common Operating Model


Consumer Experienece

Collaboration & Service Level Tracking

First Of Its Kind

4me is the first Enterprise Service Management Application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels.

4me Approach

4me is a SaaS Solution that allows enterprises to collaborate seamlessly with their managed service providers. It helps them support their workforce more efficiently, while automatically tracking the level of service that each provider delivers. This allows enterprises to stay in control as they outsource more of their non-core activities. The focus will then naturally shift to improving the ‘Customer Experience’ for the enterprise employee.


The All-In-One Portal

To request support, 4me Self-Service is an all-in-one solution having an easy-to-use & fully customizable interface that enables organizations to align its look & feel to match their identity. It's a standard feature in 4me and is included at no additional cost. It can be accessed through any browser on Windows & MAC OS as well as through their native app on App Store or Play Store.

Other Marvellous Features

Submit requests & track progress, Report time (Time tracking), update project tasks, review & approval of changes & project by managers and much more.

Self-Service - Examples

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The Workflow


Language Support

50+ Languages Support

There are more than 7100 languages spoken in the world today and your end users can require support in any of these languages. But it' s not possible to have back-office employees available in every single language spoken within your organization. 4me offers Auto-translation so that everyone can communicate effectively with diverse employees and partners in an era where immediate support is expected.

AI-based Solution

The artificial intelligence-based real-time translation technology of 4me eliminates the language barriers across the service chain, improves the quality of service and lowers the cost. It’s easier than ever for service organisations to provide the language support that employees and suppliers want and value.

Virtual Agent

A Boon for Support Staff

The 4me Virtual Agent offers a unique approach to provide context using the information already known to 4me that dramatically increases the relevance of the knowledge articles offered by the virtual agent. To reduce the workload of the Support Staff, Virtual Agent first tries to assist users with knowledge articles with which they can help themselves. In case, an appropriate article is not found, it offers a Standard Request that matches the intent of the user. Only if a knowledge article or standard request both can 't be found, the Virtual Agent offers to submit a request on the user’s behalf.

Unique Features

  • 1.Gets activated in less than 5 minutes
  • 2. Requires no scripting
  • 3. Doesn't require any initial training because of its tight integration with 4me’s knowledge, service request, and service level management functionality.

Supported Process

4me is not a toolbox. It’ s a holistic ITSM solution working out-of-the-box and has been built for optimum performance, saving its users valuable time. Work progresses through the processes in the most efficient manner, while data needed for compliance and management overviews gets collected along the way.

4me's supported process

Supported Processes at 4me

Service Portfolio & Catalogue Management

Request Fulfilment & Incident Management

Service Level Management

Knowledge Management

Service Asset & Configuration Management

Release & Deployment Management

Service Continuity Management

Change Management

Contract management

Problem Management

Project Management

Risk Management

Portfolio Management

Security Management

Resource Planning

CI/CD Pipeline

Time Tracking

Reservation Management


4me’s unique reporting functionality ensures that the prospect is making decisions on the basis of accurate data. Too often decisions are made upon inaccurate data going back to incorrect KPIs and the user’s not being familiar with a tool’s data model.
4me avoids the danger of incorrect KPIs being generated in a report. Users can easily create
and share dashboards via a URL or QR code with team members.


4me uses the latest industry standards to allow easy integration with other applications and data sources. Whether API’s, email, web services or standard http requests, each is supported.

Data Safeguards in 4me





Backup & continuity

Backup & Continuity



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