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ITOne is destined to become a leading managed service provider for all the IT needs of businesses of all sizes worldwide

ITOne, At A Glance

ITOne Infotech (ITOne Information Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.), headquartered in Pune, is an entity of One Group of Companies, started in October 2020 by AutoOne Engineering Services which has a decade-long rich experience in serving clients globally. We are a one-stop destination for all your ITSM needs, envisioned to rank as a top managed service provider with global footprints in digital transformation. 

Our strategic approach of delivering IT services has an intrinsic objective to deliver value to customers and manage the complete service lifecycle of IT and OT assets. With our strong proven capabilities & resources in ITSM, Cloud, & IT Infra, etc. we vow to provide a complete range of customized IT solutions and support to our clients. Our partnership with the world’s leading IT platforms equips us with enough expertise to cater to our client’s diverse requirements & aspirations and experience digital transformation. We are an ISO-certified fastest growing IT service provider.

Our Vision

Provide managed services that focus on providing a one-stop solution for all ITSM requirements for customers.

Our Mission

To support clients with customized end-to-end IT solutions and strategies that are cost-effective, scalable, and resilient.

Core Values

Our Leadership

The visionary leadership that inspires the vision and mission of ITOne Infotech

Image of Rajesh Sabne
Mr. Rajesh Sabne

MD, One Group of Companies, Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Sabne is a torch-bearer for group companies, which include, AutoOne Engineering Services, Asiatech Center Pune, & ITOne Infotech, etc. His visionary leadership shows us the way on which ITOne progresses as a business enabler.

Mr. Vijaykumar Desai

Exe. Vice President, ITOne Infotech

Mr. Vijaykumar Desai is the face & prime force of ITOne Infotech on the ground, who leads the most competent teams from different verticals. His knowledge, experience, passion & ambition make ITOne a key differentiator in the market.

Our Capabilities

Our potential to rethink operations, accelerate growth, and generate company’s transformation is the core of our unprecedented performance.

With a team of strategists, creators, designers, digital marketers, developers, and connection builders, we provide dynamic and compelling brand experiences to our end users. Having extensive experience in providing ultimate IT services to our users, we are focused on offering support and resources on your requirement to experience digital transformation with comprehensive customized solutions like CRM services, IT infrastructure, ITSM, Cloud etc.

Industry Challenges

High tech IT industry involves multiple real time challenges faced by organizations that is rapidly threatening their future in operational efficacy, and we at ITOne help you overcome these challenges to achieve digital transformation.

Cost Optimization

Reducing IT spending is essential to maintain and grow the competitive advantage of every business.

Technology Alignment

Technology impacts business more today than ever in the past. The IT technologies have to be aligned with business objectives, as the daily business operations majorly depend on technology.

Strategy Alignment

IT has always been seen as a secondary role player. But each new element in the business strategy puzzle calls for revising and synchronizing processes across the entire organization.

No, IT Plan

Businesses don't take time to plan out an IT strategy.

Hardware & Software

Many businesses run into problems with the lifespan of the technology that they use. A common mistake that is often made is to assume a certain lifespan of the technological components.

Insufficient IT Management

Businesses often think that they can save the cost associated with IT Inframanagement, by keeping it in-house.

ITOne's Solutions

With our strategic approach towards providing digital transformation through our trusted technology partners, we enable you to stay competitive in vast marketplace with best of our solutions.

Reduce Expenses

Remote infrastructure management services from ITONE not only reduce your spending but also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your infrastructure

Alignment of Technology

Your managed IT services have to align with your objectives. We will design a technology plan for your business needs, from discussing the "nuts and bolts" of your IT infrastructure to the user support process to ensure a consistent and reliable technology experience.

Alignment of Strategy

ITOne partners with clients to help ensure the greatest possible business strategy alignment that suites your organizations’’ need now,, and has the abilityto grow with you in the future.

Strategic IT Planning

IT can be a force multiplier for your business – saving money, making your employees more productive, and allowing you to attract more business. IT is not a business plan. It supports a business plan.

H/W & S/W Solutions

Software and Hardware support is vital to a business’s IT. It works to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations. Software and hardware can require troubleshooting and repairs. We offer a variety of software and hardware support services to keep your systems running at their best.

IT Managed Services

The most important aspect of information technology is having an expert IT managed services provider who can proficiently handle all the technical problems.

Value Proposition

With a promise of value to be delivered, communicated, and acknowledged, we have built immense trust to delight our customers and their clients to create a lasting and profitable relationship.

ITOne's Value Proposition

4 Ps of Partnership

Our uniqueness lies in our strategical ideology of four partnerships that makes us stand exclusive in dynamic global marketplace.

4 Ps of Partnership - ITOne Infotech

We are an ISO certified service provider

ISO certification ensures that an organization runs its business using international standards for products, services, and processes. These can include business management, environmental policies, or they can be standards that were developed by the ISO for specific business sectors.

iso, standard, symbol-154533.jpg
iso, standard, symbol-154533.jpg
iso, standard, symbol-154533.jpg

Coffee with MD

An Interactive official meet of the ITOne team with the MD. When visionary leadership by Mr. Rajesh S., MD, One Group of Companies combines with the ambitious force on the ground by Mr. Vijaykumar Desai, Executive VP to ITOne and his team, it indicates that miraculous results are in the offing.

ITOne team with directors

Witness the power of leading edge technology with our proven, workload optimized best IT solutions & services that are scalable, resilient, and yet cost-effective.

Being associated with our tech partners, we assure to provide well-integrated solutions to assist organizations with proactive monitoring of their whole IT infrastructure.

Who We Are

ITOne Infotech headquartered in Pune is an entity of One Group of Companies. We are a one-stop destination for all your ITSM needs, envisioned to rank as a top managed service provider with global footprints.


C - 503 & 504, Pune IT Park,
34, Aundh Road, Bhau Patil Marg,
Bopodi, Pune - 411020



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