IT Service Management

Designing, delivering and managing services with best of  ITSM tools that enterprises provide to their end-users.

ITOne delivers ultra-modern, intelligent personalized ITSM solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and resilient, whether you want to operate in the cloud, in a hybrid model, or in your own data center.

What you get with ITSM

With our strategic approach towards providing digital transformation through our trusted technology partners, we enable you to stay competitive in vast marketplace with best of our IT Service Management solutions.

Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness

Reduce Operational Costs & Unnecessary Workload

Risk-Free Implementation of IT Changes

Improve Access and Communication Channels

Better Transparency into IT Processes and Services

Improve Accountability Through Standardization

Improve Accountability within Business Functions

Improve Visibility into Operations & Performance

Achieve a Better ROI on the Corporate ITSM Solution Investment

Manage Change More Efficiently

Increase Self-Service Productivity

Better Service and Customer Experience

Enables More Effective Planning

Improve Collaboration Between Different Business Functions

Higher Return on IT Investments

Complete Enterprise Service Management – 4me

ITOne Infotech with its decade-long rich experience in serving clients globally is partnering with 4me to bring its services in India for complete enterprise service management. Our mission is to support clients with customized end-to-end IT solutions and strategies that are cost-effective, scalable and resilient. The lauch of 4me in India in partnership with ITOne Infotech is an important step as it is a trusted and respected way of providing solutions to organizations in their service management and digital transformation journey.

Why 4me Service For Multinationals?

4me gives service providers the information they need to continuously optimize the allocation of resources to the areas where they deliver the most value to the business.


As part of their digital transformation, organisations are improving the support that is provided by the different support domains, like HR, IT, Purchasing and Legal.

Solution By 4me

Shared service centers enable large multinationals to realize economies of scale for the different legal entities that they need to support in different regions of the world.

The All-In-One Portal

To request support, 4me Self-Service is an all-in-one solution having an easy-to-use & fully customizable interface that enables organizations to align its look & feel to match their identity.

First Of Its Kind

4me is the first Enterprise Service Management Application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach.

4me Approach

4me is a SaaS Solution that allows enterprises to collaborate seamlessly with their managed service providers. It helps them support their workforce more efficiently, while automatically tracking the level of service that each provider delivers.

Other Marvellous Features

Submit requests & track progress, Report time (Time tracking), update project tasks, review & approval of changes & project by managers and much more.

ServiceNow Enterprise Services

ITOne provides licensing and consulting services on the entire ServiceNow Platform including deployment, customization, UI / theme development, branding, custom forms, Service Catalogs, build custom workflows, Reporting, administration, health checks, Integration with & support, and maintenance services

Managed Resource Services

Staff augmentation for various customers & partners on the ServiceNow platform through Skilled SME’s & Resources pool.

ServiceNow System Integrations

Delivery & implementation of ServiceNow capabilities across the enterprise by integrating across various tools & Platforms.

Rapid Implementation Offerings

Leveraging One-library of prefabricated user stories for rapid and most efficient implementation capabilities.

UI-UX Design

Customized solutions suiting the specific needs of clients by creating interfaces that are clean, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Platform Development

Development of custom applications and solutions by exploiting native ServiceNow capabilities and on the NOW platform.

Enterprise Service Automation

Automate and align business service workflow across the organization and automating various business services.

ServiceNow Business Value Assessment

Rapid and objective-based analysis that delivers a business case presenting the improvements and/or costs-benefits associated with migrating from legacy solutions to ServiceNow.

AI-Driven IT Service Management  – Symphony SummitAI

SummitAI using machine reasoning and codeless workflow-based automation delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT Help Desk Operations, and up to 45% better Total Cost of Ownership. Unleash enterprise productivity by effortlessly bringing Service, Asset, and Operations Management together to work in concert.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

An ITIL-verified solution that leverages the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

An ITIL-certified solution that is designed to proactively collect and monitor availability and performance data across the enterprise using agent-based or agent less technology.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Optimize asset utilization, save costs and enforce compliance with AI-driven Asset Management.

CINDE - An AI-Powered Digital Agent

CINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine), a conversational AI and machine reasoning-based engine is designed to transform the customer experience by resolving most incoming issues automatically.

Digital IT & Enterprise Management Services – SapphireIMS​

SapphireIMS makes businesses agile through a modular and easy-to-implement suite of enterprise-grade products & services with their best ITSM tools. SapphireIMS is AI and RPA-based platform that helps in fully digitizing and automating your Front, Mid and back-office operations.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Delight your employees with 24X7 predictable service delivery.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Around 35% improvement in your IT asset utilization and 40% cost savings.

IT Automation

Automate all your routine tasks and ensure compliance with IT Automation.

Business Service Monitoring

Enhance your IT Infrastructure to meet the needs of the Digital Enterprise.

Enterprise Service Management

Break down the org silos and save 50% costs by automating businesses processes.

Enterprise Asset Management

Know your assets, get 100 % visibility and save over 40% of costs.

Service Lifecycle Management

Know your customer, enhance their experience and deliver efficiently.

Build the best ITSM experiences

Our ITSM suite is the best-in-class solution that is easy to use and scales with your company.

Our prominent tech partners in ITSM

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Our prominent tech partners in ITSM

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Witness the power of leading edge technology with our proven, workload optimized best IT solutions & services that are scalable, resilient, and yet cost-effective.

Being associated with our tech partners, we assure to provide well-integrated IT solutions to assist organizations with proactive monitoring of their whole IT infrastructure.