ITOne Infotech: Your best bet for all IT solutions

Tech Insights | 12 September 2022 

ITOne Infotech (ITOne Information Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.) is an entity of One Group of Companies, established in October 2020 and headquartered in Pune by AutoOne Engineering Services that has a decade-long rich experience in serving clients globally.

Whether you want to operate in the cloud, in a hybrid model, or in your own data centre, ITOne offers cutting-edge, intelligent, tailored ITSM solutions that are scalable, affordable, and resilient. We are an ISO-certified, fastest growing IT service provider.

The goal of ITOne Infotech is to be ranked as a top managed service provider with a global footprint in digital transformation. We are your one-stop shop for all your ITSM needs. We promise to offer our clients a full spectrum of tailored IT solutions and support thanks to our solidly established expertise and resources in ITSM, Cloud, and IT infrastructure, among other areas.

Benefits of ITSM:

  • 1. Reduced operational cost for IT operations.
  • 2. Ability to establish well-defined, manageable and repeatable IT processes.
  • 3. Improved efficiency of IT help desk teams
  • 4. Transparency of IT processes and services
  • 5. Reduced IT problems and improved response.

ITOne Infotech provides high-quality technical support with tremendously high customer satisfaction across multiple industries including construction, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare and of course, IT.

About ServiceNow- Platform of Platforms!

All businesses today rely on IT services, whether for IT operations or for managing staff and customer workflow. ServiceNow is the platform that acts as a unifier, combining all of these services with significant flexibility, scalability, and out-of-the-box capability.

ServiceNow offers Software as a Service (SaaS) to support technical management. The business focuses on IT services management (ITSM), enabling users to oversee projects, teams, and client interactions via a range of plugins and apps. ServiceNow’s cloud-based workflow automation platform helps corporate organisations increase operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating common work processes.

Few ServiceNow Offerings

  • 1. ServiceNow ITSM Asset Management Module
  • 2. ServiceNow ITSM Incident Management
  • 3. ServiceNow ITSM Service Catalog
  • 4. ServiceNow ITSM Knowledge Management
  • 5. ServiceNow Customer Service Management


ITOne and ServiceNow

ITOne provides licensing and consulting services on the entire ServiceNow Platform including deployment, customization, branding, build custom workflows, health checks and many other services. ITOne provides:

  • Managed Resource Services

 ITOne’s managed services offerings can be enjoyed by small, medium, and large organisations to deploy their own tech domain within ITOne’s on a subscription basis. ITOne, with the help of ServiceNow platform will take care of the following factors –

  1. i. Shared economies of scale
  2. ii. Shorter implementation time
  3. iii. Support, maintenance and monitoring by a team of experts

Use Cases across multiple industries:

1. WhiteHat Jr. – One of the leading Ed-Tech companies in India

They rely on ITOne’s Managed Resource Services. They use ServiceNow Asset Management Solution to effectively manage their increasing number of technology assets (owned and rented) as their reach is rapidly increasing in international markets such as Latin America, South-East Asia as well as in India.

2. One Group of Companies

It is a fast-emerging corporate group in India that includes Automotive Engineering, IT Services, Food & Beverages, and Industrial Training organizations.

By using ServiceNow Incident Management Solution, ITOne helped them to streamline their IT operations unlike their earlier way of relying on personal emails and phone calls.

ServiceNow Asset Management solution has helped them streamline their asset allocation, deallocation, and financial tracking of their assets.

In this way, ITOne has helped One Group of Companies to raise the customer satisfaction up to 93% and brought down the mean time to recovery (MTTR) by 55%.

3. Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is a privately owned battery marketing and distribution company in the US.

They faced issues in customer management as they were scaling up and all the IT operations were becoming more and more complex to handle.

Using the ServiceNow Customer Service Management module, ITOne was able to create visibility across systems necessary to maintain service to Interstate Batteries customer base. This also helped Interstate Batteries serve over 200k dealers now and brought down the initial response to queries to 48 hours which was three times faster than before. 

These use-cases are a testimony to how ITOne Infotech delivers you high impact bespoke IT solutions and services to ensure unprecedented and unmatched growth for organisations in a very short span of time.

So, join us as we aim to become the leading managed service provider for all the IT needs of businesses of all sizes worldwide by never compromising on our core values which are customer satisfaction, customer commitment and customer trust.