IT Infrastructure Management

The management of IT policies and processes, along with the equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts to ensure IT operations run smoothly & efficiently.

ITOne’s managed IT Infrastructure management services help companies to maintain and improve the performance and availability of their production environments with an agnostic approach by using new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

What you get with Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT infrastructure management aims to provide structure and control of the functions responsible for diverse technical operations

Service Desk

Service desk support for your IT needs with our dedicated support team quickly a resolution.

Network Management

Our network management services include network design, implementation, configuration, and optimization, etc.

Network Security Management

We simplify network administration with security policy and workflow tools.

Antivirus Support

We support and ensure our clients detect and diminish the problems that are hindering the smooth implementation of the program


Our data center services help you to centralize your IT infrastructure, operations, storage, and management.

Server Management

We provide Server Management Services to data centers, companies of all sizes, and ISPs.

Shared & RIM Services

Our Remote Infrastructure Management services include management of infrastructures, such as computer hardware and applications, network and storage systems, devices for IT monitoring, and servers. Remote infrastructure services enable organizations to reduce their IT costs significantly while securing operational flexibility.

Network & Server Infrastructure Performance & Event Monitoring.

Remote Troubleshooting, Fault Isolation

Resolution & Restoral of Network Infrastructure Devices to Operational Status.

Systems Performance Tuning

Recommendations, Optimization, Trending, Interface Utilization & Disk Storage Management.

Server, Desktop/Laptop Troubleshooting, Application Support & Third-Party Product assistance.

Server O/S Service Pack, Patch or Firmware Upgrades

Monitoring & Alerting on Firewall & Router Configuration Changes

Manufacturer RMA Processing

Monitoring & Alerting on Requested Moves, Adds, Changes & Deletes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

ITOne partners with AutomationEdge to help clients modernize their operational processes to obtain great productivity and cost optimization.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Robotic Process Automation solutions never slows down and hence results in improved productivity and efficiency.

Analytical Capabilities

A process log generated through RPA helps in deriving insights and accelerating decision-making. It also enables businesses to improve processes and optimize operations.

Ensure Regulatory Adherence

A fully RPA-enabled process empowers organizations to keep track of every operational aspect and ensures thorough documentation.

Automate Tasks

Time consumed by manual tasks is reduced as tasks are automated leaving employees to focus on key business areas.

Reduce Human Errors

RPA solutions are executed as per programmed instructions reducing human errors

Reduce Labour Cost

As RPA solutions work 24/7 labor cost is eventually reduced.

Our prominent tech partners in IT Infra Management

Automation Edge Creative


Our prominent tech partners in IT Infrastructure Management

Automation Edge Creative


Witness the power of leading edge technology with our proven, workload optimized best IT solutions & services that are scalable, resilient, and yet cost-effective.

Being associated with our tech partners, we assure to provide well-integrated IT solutions to assist organizations with proactive monitoring of their whole IT infrastructure.