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Deliver great experiences for both employees and customers with digital workflows that transform the world of work.

IT Workflows

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IT Business Management

Improve business outcomes by increasing company agility. Align your work to your company’s priorities, allow for faster change, and get more value out of your efforts.

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Extend the benefits of DevOps across the organisation. To integrate IT operations and development together, take the risk out of going fast and minimise friction.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Real-time risk and resilience management for better company resilience, incorporate risk-informed decisions into daily work across the organisation.

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IT Service Management

IT’s effect, speed, and delivery may all be improved. Provide dependable services that boost productivity and create unforgettable experiences for your employees wherever they work.

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IT Operations Management

With AIOps, you can deliver proactive digital operations. Predict issues, decrease user impact, and streamline responses with insights and automation.

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IT Asset Management

Take command of your IT resources. To minimise expenses while decreasing risk, automate the end-to-end lifecycle for software, hardware, and cloud assets.

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Security Operations

Detect, prioritise, and respond to threats more quickly. To quickly address events, connect existing security technologies with a security orchestration, automation, and response engine.

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Telecommunications Network Performance Management

To avoid downtime, keep an eye on the health of your networks and services. Using machine learning and smart analytics, you can streamline your answer.

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Employee Workflows

Employee Workflows ServiceNow Offerings

Procurement Service Management

With a streamlined purchasing experience, you can spend money more wisely. Provide procurement services that enable employees to self-serve, align work groups, and increase productivity.

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HR Service Delivery

Employees should have the best experience possible, no matter where they are. Streamline the employee service experience with efficient workflows to boost efficiency.

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Workplace Service Delivery

Deliver cutting-edge digital services to a dispersed workforce. Create the perfect workplace service experience by automating inquiries, reservations, and maintenance.

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Legal Service Delivery

Deliver legal services at the speed of business for your company. Modernize legal operations to improve productivity and make faster choices.

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Safe Workplace Suite

Make returning to work a positive experience for everyone by creating a safe, employee-ready environment.

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Customer Workflows

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Financial Services Operations

Make your front, middle, and back offices work together. Ensure that financial services operations are efficient and resilient in order to improve consumer and staff experiences.

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Customer Service Management

Improve customer engagement and service operations. Bring the front, middle, and back offices together to prevent problems and automate routine tasks.

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Field Service Management

Improve client satisfaction by managing field service effectively. To swiftly respond to and prevent difficulties, connect field service with other teams and mobile tools.

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Connected Operations

Connect IoT data to the context of your business and digital workflows. Transform your data into action to get the most out of your IoT investments.

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Telecommunications Service Management

On a single platform, connect all of your telecom operations, from network to consumer. Provide CSPs with the tools they need to improve customer experience and automate service assurance.

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Creator Workflows

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App Engine

Every procedure should be reimagined as a digital workflow. Easily construct low-code workflow apps for developers and builders of all skill levels.

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Service Now Integrations will be less expensive and more difficult. Workflows can be quickly and easily connected to critical business systems, making cross- enterprise automation a breeze.

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ServiceNow App Store

Take advantage of ISV innovation. In the ServiceNow Store, you can choose from 500+ certified, ready-to-use apps and connectors.

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SNOW Success Stories

Syntax is able to speed up and centralise global service delivery for its employees as well as customers

Organizations like syntax are able to deliver a truly global service platform using digital workflows by ServiceNow. It helped them with increased productivity and improved employee as well as customer experience.

Syntax ServiceNow Success Story

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