Flag-off Digital Transformation for Your Business

We are a leading managed service provider. Our cloud-based business operation and automation can help you to achieve digital transformation at the earliest.

ITOne Infotech (ITOne Information Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.), headquartered in Pune, has extensive experience in serving clients globally. We are a one-stop destination for all your App Development, Cloud, Design Engineering, ITSM, PLM and other IT related needs, envisioned to rank as a top managed service provider with global footprints in digital transformation.

Our Services

Being a leading managed service provider with years of prodigious experience in information technology, we bring you high impact customized IT solutions and services to assure a peerless growth for businesses of all sizes.

ITOne specializes in custom app development to effectively address specific challenges. With our accelerated solution delivery, we offer scalable and flexible engagement models to help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

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ITOne delivers ultra-modern, intelligent personalized ITSM solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, resilient, whether you want to operate in the cloud, in a hybrid model, or in your own data center.

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ITOne, specializing in cloud computing, offers a multi-cloud strategy with our esteemed partners like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and NxtGen. The services include – Consultancy Services, Managed Services, Application Services, Application Development and Maintenance, as well as PaaS & IaaS Services.

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ITOne’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions are designed to accelerate the performance and visibility of products with perfect integration of data, knowledge, and business processes and making them available throughout the product lifecycle.

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Design Engineering is the fusion of design thinking, engineering thinking and practice. This technology utilizes computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and computer-aided manufacturing to assess the value of a potential product’s components and to assist in product assembly.

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ITOne’s managed CRM Services help businesses nurture relationships with clientele. A great CRM system also assists enterprises with organization, efficiency, time management, as well as impressing clients every step of the lead funnel.

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ITOne has proven expertise & the best resources to help you leverage the ITIL framework for facilitating your ITSM initiatives. We offer ITIL consultancy services to improve your service delivery performance.

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ITOne’s managed IT Infrastructure management services help companies to maintain and improve the performance & availability of their production environments with an agnostic approach by using new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

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Industries We Support

Our tremendous experience and high-quality service in information technology provide technical support with ultimate customer satisfaction to various industries.

How Are We different?

We are associated with multiple partners to deliver best IT services and integrated solutions & support to help businesses with proactive monitoring of all your IT infrastructure. Our deep expansion in analytics, digitalization, automation and operational efficiency helps our clients and customers to reach their full potential. Our scalable, resilient and cost-effective services provide enhanced quality assurance to our clients to remain key players in this competitive globe.

Why Our Solutions?

We deliver you high impact bespoke IT solutions and services to ensure unmatched growth for organisations with

Reduced Operational Cost and Ultimate Savings

Customer Satisfaction

Seamless IT Support Management System

Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

Utilization of Resources and Workload Management

Multicloud Deployments

24*7 Proactive Monitoring

Metrics for Transparent Governance

Our Tech Partners

What Our Clients Say

I have been working with ITOne on several projects for few years and the thing that distinguishes them from others is their agility and responsiveness which provides a solution that easily meets our expectations.
founder -rajesh reddy
Rajesh Reddy
Team at ITOne is phenomenal. Their vast technical expertise, advanced IT infrastructural design and security guidance provides complete customer IT satisfaction. We are amazed with their IT services management and that too at a much cheaper price as compared to other providers in the market.
CEO - anita deshmukh
Anita Deshmukh
ITOne Infotech has a highly skilled and adept team with an eye for details. We are happy with their project and delivery management as we received what we exactly wanted. We are positively looking forward for next collaboration.
CTO - ketan parikh
Ketan Parikh

Build the best ITSM experiences

Our ITSM suite is the best-in-class solution that is easy to use and scales with your company.

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Make sure your CRM fulfils your business expectations with our experts

Kapture CRM brings all your service centers and field services on a single omni-channel platform.

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Decrease in consultation time with properly integrated CRM

Decrease in service cost by implementing solutions for efficient management of field agents

Increase in revenue per chat hour, as well as a 40% conversion rate

Increase in efficiency with digital self-servicing and lower call volumes

Get full insight into how Kapture CRM can help your business

Offer Delightful Customer Support Experiences 

What is Service CRM?

Ticket Management System

Vaccine Administration Management

ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management helps you manage vaccines from the factory to the front line with speed, scale, and flexibility.

Case Studies

How we help businesses to be at the forefront of the industry

Take a look at some of our most well-known case studies to see how our solutions can help you enhance business coordination, cut IT expenses, and better align your IT with your business.

Business Case Studies

E-book on Application Development Standards for Software

Discover Governments-approved latest standards of App Development for Software in this free ebook and get it implemented with our experts. Download it now.


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    Witness the power of leading edge technology with our managed support and proven, workload optimized best IT solutions & services that are scalable, resilient, and yet cost-effective.

    Being associated with our tech partners, we assure to provide best IT services and well-integrated solutions to assist organizations with proactive monitoring of their whole IT infrastructure.

    ITOne Infotech: Managed Service Provider | Apps, Cloud, ITSM

     Managed Service Provider | Apps, Cloud, ITSM