ITSM & Integrations (JumpCloud, Slack)

"Since the majority of our requests can be handled with the current Slack interface, ITOne's solution has helped us manage our operations with single tool and less learning curve."


Implementation of Incident & Service Portal with the end users using their existing Slack tool to raise incidents, receive notifications & perform approvals. Additionally, implemented Asset Management to ease their existing processes of tracking IT assets.

About Client

The client is in the data-operations business; their tools power data-driven teams and enable the connection of unstructured data across data sources. They assist projects in managing large-scale social projects from a centralized location. Their employees are dispersed across the globe, providing service requests, timely approvals, asset tracking and security that are critical in keeping the company’s gears moving smoothly. The company has most of its infrastructure and services in the cloud, and global users send requests and receive approvals (if required) through the collaboration chat tool Slack.

Substantial Benefits And Outcomes

24-hours availibity


Automation was a major focus of ITSM implementation that resulted in eliminating tedious manual intervention and the accompanying human error that occur. As automation processes got implemented, it reduced the workload and learning time.


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

The formalized ticketing and incident response systems ensure that our client responds to every incident report or service request that is submitted, leading to a better customer experience.



Our implementation brought massive time savings by improving Turn-Around-Time (TAT) as our client streamlined information sharing and spent less time re-discovering information and hunting down answers to known issues.

24-hours availibity

24 * 7 Availibility

Cloud-based SaaS architecture accessible globally with 24x7 availability without maintenance overhead as well as remote support from our company.



Adoption of structured incident response decreased average response time and mean time to resolution for our client. Also, a focus on crisis management helped reduce the mean time to recover (MTTR) whenever a service interruption occurs.

Significant Challenges

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Our client's employees were dispersed across the globe, which required a 24x7system for service requests, timely approvals, asset tracking, and security.

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Difficulty in collaborating on tasks from the employees located globally in their own timezone.

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The client wanted to manage requests by users on pending changes directly and communicate problems effectively through the Slack interface.

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Our client did not want his users to spend time in learn a new tool, instead keep using Slack to maximum possible extent for any requests thru ServiceNow-Slack integrations.

Solution implemented

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ITOne Infotech conducted on-site inspection and analysis to learn about the present process (IM-PM-KM-CM) and the expectations of all stakeholders, we then translated the information into a defined process and mapped it to the ITSM platform.

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Create a dedicated channel for incident responders to collaborate during an incident, enabling bidirectional integration with slack

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Customisation of the notification feature to maximise efficiency

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Create and update an incident, view information such as who is on-call for a group or view the list of assigned incidents.

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To have the minimal configuration for this ITSM and Slack integration

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